POWER|bright//Ole Henriksen

There are a few things I look for in my skincare. First being, that it is cruelty-free. As an avid animal lover, I am ashamed to say that I didn’t always check my cosmetics and skincare products to see whether or not they were tested on animals. Before trying out these products, I did some research and Ole Henriksen is on the list of cruelty-free skin care! If you want to research some of your favorite brands or products to verify that they are cruelty-free HERE is a great place to start!

Ok, back to the skincare. As someone who has struggled with acne and hyperpigmentation for years, I need to see results. I have extremely oily skin and I often struggle when it comes to treatments and masks. They either leave my skin excessively dry or overly greasy – there seems to be no middle ground.

After researching the products below that Influenster sent me for testing, I was excited to see that most of the products were catered towards my skin type. #kudosInfluenster

Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation  | Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Vitamin C Collagen Booster  | Ole Henriksen POWER|bright


Moving on to the fun part, actually using the product!
Each step of this system is separated into its own individual pod. The package that holds the 3 pods has detailed instructions for each step on the back, which I appreciate. I loathe skincare items that lack instructions and leave me guessing the best way to apply the product and amount of time to leave it on. Have no fear, friends, Ole Henriksen is extremely detailed in their instructions!

Image (1)STEP 1//Polish
Step one is a Sugar Glow Polishing mask. This mask smells like fresh oranges. Although the sugar crystals in this mask are very large, they are not coarse and harsh on the skin like other sugar scrubs I have tried. After rinsing this mask off, my skin felt soft and smooth. I honestly can say it is my favorite mask/sugar scrub that I have tried so far.

STEP 2//Brighten
This Vitamin C Concentrate smells AMAZING. After applying it to my dry skin after the sugar scrub, my skin smelled like a creamsicle. This applied smooth and tingled slightly before I was ready to apply step 3.

Step 3 is the Pure Truth Melting Cleanser. You apply this evenly over step 2. After a few seconds, my skin warmed up and tingled slightly. After leaving this step on for about 15 minutes, I used the complexion sponge that was included. This sponge is revolutionary. It was paper thin, but when water was added, it plumped right up! If these are sold individually, I will definitely buy some for traveling!


I was lucky enough to also receive the Sheer Transformation oil-free moisturizer and Truth Serum Collagen Booster to test in my #oleglow #voxbox from Influenster.

I applied the Sheer Transformation on my skin after this mask and went to bed. I was surprised that this moisturizer did not leave my skin feeling sticky or greasy because it is rather thick.

The next morning when I woke up my skin did not appear noticeably brighter (I mean it was only one use), but it was extremely smoother and felt firmer.

Overall, I was highly impressed with this product and plan to purchase the system once I am done testing some other products.

I am still testing out the Sheer Transformation and Truth Serum Collagen Booster but plan to have a full review in the coming weeks.

If you are not familiar with Influenster and are interested in testing out and reviewing products, go check it out!


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