Results May Vary & Other New Ventures

19390621_10213794603087133_2817574351428338885_oResults may vary.

Three small words that we see everywhere. Follow this diet and exercise routine, but remember…results may vary. Want longer hair, stronger nails, or fuller lashes ?- there is a serum for that…BUT results may vary.

For the longest time this concept of results varying irritated me more than it should. Why can’t there be a diet, an exercise routine, or even mascara that worked the same way for everyone? Why are there products that I love and rave about online that are quickly accompanied by a list of negative reviews from people who they didn’t work for?

Why?…because we are ALL different. If all of us enjoyed the same things, there would be no variety in life and how boring would that be? We would all be wearing the same tops, styling our hair with the same curling wands (or straighteners), and using the same mascara. There would be no need for matte v. satin lipstick. Want a smokey eye…there is only one palette you need. The more I thought about it, the happier and more content I felt with the idea that results may and DO vary.

While I can’t guarantee that you are going to like the products I use and recommend, the clothes that I wear, or the way I style my hair, I can guarantee that I will give my honest reviews with as much supporting detail as I can.

I hope you can find this blog useful and also a safe place to share your feedback on the products I love, the ones I don’t like as much, or the ones that just didn’t work for me.

Happy Tuesday, friends.

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