Barn Door Bathroom Update

Happy Wednesday, friends! This past weekend and this current week have been a bit of a whirlwind for the Miller house. We traveled to Pennsylvania over the weekend to visit family, celebrate, and enjoy the slower pace of life. It was a blast of course, but we found out today after a few days of not feeling well that the hubs has strep. Growing up, I was the kid that strep found every time someone else had it, so I am doing my best to avoid catching that.

Anyway, I wanted to share a mini home update that we did a few weekends ago. For awhile now, we have been wanting to replace our master bath door with a barn door to increase our usable space. Our master bath is not huge, so having a door that swung into the usable space was a pain.

I am working on bringing our house together little by little and want an industrial/farmhouse/chic vibe throughout our spaces. To bring this into the master, I chose industrial hardware for the door and my favorite walnut stain from Rustoleum for the actual barn door that my husband so kindly built. We kept the overall design basic and I can’t wait to paint the master bedroom now and decorate.

I wish I would have taken more images along the way, but once we got into the groove, I just forget. Actually, to be honest, it was just brutally hot outside and we wanted to finish 🙂


Keep checking back for updates as we do more around the house. I am genuinely excited to finally be staying in a house long enough to make it a home!


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