L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise

I have to be honest, if there was only one makeup item I couldn’t live without, it would be mascara, and that is saying a LOT because my skin is terrible not naturally flawless, so I believe God balanced it out by giving me “decent’ eyelashes.

Because I need something that darkens and lengthens my lashes but doesn’t get clumpy, I have struggled to find the perfect mascara (guys, it might exist).
You know, the one that:
Gives me length
Adds volume (but not too much)
Doesn’t smudge under my brow bone 
Can be used on my lower lash line

While I have found quite a few mascaras, both drugstore and high-end that have worked and I have liked, I had yet to fall in love and feel the need to rave about a mascara…until L’Oréal’s Lash Paradise made its way to my vanity.

Guys, this mascara is the first addition to my newly created holy grail makeup list. As I mentioned earlier, I am always scared to recommend products because it may not work for everyone, but I have come to the realization that even if a product or recipe or location only makes a difference to one person, that is still ONE person – anyway, back to the mascara. I love this product for quite a few different reasons, so let me share with you my pros and cons.

Let me start with the cons, or I guess I should say con because I only have one. If you buy the waterproof, make sure that you have an oil-based makeup remover or an eye makeup remover because this stuff does not come off with just your basic makeup wipe or cleanser.

Now, the reasons I am in love obsessed with this mascara.

It is smudge proof. I have very oily eyelids and a lot of mascara (even waterproof) that I have used seem to find their way into little hash marks under my brow bone. If you have eyelashes that stick out/down this may happen to your lower lash line. Guys, for the first time in a while I can actually curl my lashes and not have my mascara transfer to my brow bone (long-ish lash problems, I know).

The blackest black is BLACK (say that three times fast). I naturally have dark eyelashes and most mascaras don’t add any darkness to my lashes, but this does. It gives me a more intense lash without having to tight line.

It holds a curl. Whether I curl my lashes beforehand or not at all, this mascara holds those lashes high! It truly does give both volume and length without clumping up.

Mascara on only one eye for comparison

Overall, I absolutely adore this mascara and it will be a staple in my makeup bag until something cheaper and better comes along (but I don’t see that happening). Not saying I won’t continue to try other mascaras, but for now, this is my go to.


Added to the other eyes to show a full face 🙂

What mascaras have you guys been obsessed with now or in the past and have you tried Lash Paradise yet?


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