Essential Oils: My Why

New Essential Oils
New Essential Oils

If you are someone who is interested in health + wellness and find yourself scrolling through Instagram on any given day, I am sure you have stumbled upon some of the most calming and minimalistic posts regarding essential oils – I know I did and that is honestly where my story begins.

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In January of 2017, my husband and I decided to do our first round of Whole30. Little did I know that this experience would shift my focus on health and wellness. Having to actually read the ingredients listed on the foods I had been buying and consuming for years got me thinking about the ingredients in other items I used – things like household cleaners, lotion, even the candles that I burned for hours every single day.

Deep Relief Roller

After we completed Whole30 and I realized how great I felt not only physically, but mentally, I decided it was time to make some additional changes. Both of us were tired from what I assumed was poor quality sleep, my ability to focus was almost nonexistent, we were waking up stuffy, and seemed to have headaches more than I was comfortable with. The big kicker for me was that skin was losing that Whole30 glow and I was not ready to start having to deal with acne again at 28 after finally getting things in check.

Seasonal Roller Essential Oils

One afternoon, while in Pennsylvania visiting family and talking about alternatives and areas where we could still make a change, Adam agreed to give the “hippy” oils a try and we have not looked back since.

I now can’t go a night without a dreamy diffuser blend, my skin drinks up my homemade glow serum, and my house smells amazing without the need to burn a candle for hours on end. If you think your life could use a little push in a less toxic direction, please reach out to me and lets chat because there is something for everyone.


I plan to share a little more detail in later posts about why I chose Young Living, my favorite oils, and the impacts they have had on my life – because guys, these products, the team I joined and this company have and are continuing to make a difference in households and lives across the globe!

Relaxing Bath Salts

If you want to see more about how I incorporate oils into my daily routine, please hop on over to @m4nda_beth and give me a follow.

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