Updated Barn Door

If you are new around here, one of the first DIY projects my husband and I did when we moved into our new house, was replace our bathroom door in the master with a barn door. Our master isn’t small, but with a longer layout, the original door that opened in, just wasn’t cutting it.

I knew the feel that I wanted for our bedroom as we have slowly been finding our own style as we purchase new furniture and make new updates to our townhouse away from the builder’s style.

My first goal was I did NOT want a farmhouse style door. I know that style is still popular, but for us, we wanted something more modern and with clean lines. I immediately hopped on Pinterest hoping that someone had something that would either give me inspiration or maybe even plans.

I was so glad that I stumbled upon Lilies and Life’s tutorial. The style was just what I was looking for and the tutorial was thorough and easy to follow.

After we had the door assembled, I knew that I didn’t want it to be white. Our walls are a light gray and our trim is bright white, I wanted this to be a focal point. I decided to use the charcoal gray that we used for our dining room table legs. After we completed our fireplace, it became my goal to tie all of our rooms together with small accents to ensure that our house flows and is not choppy.

I absolutely LOVE our finished product and encourage you to check out Lilies and Life’s tutorial for some other unique and modern barn door plans as well.

Next up, swapping out the lights above our bathroom vanity and my hardware on my vanity to add even more cohesiveness.

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